The Cracked Cup
Coffee now contains 20% more holy water
3 months ago

Stabby Knived Murder Goose

In which Liz and Anne discuss the amazingness that was the winter Eliot program, and the two both claim that Anne’s son (and the podcast editor) agreed with them about everything.

4 months ago

The Episode Where Liz is Unprepared (for the podcast and for living)

Liz and Anne discuss yearly themes, the next right thing, realignment, and—unexpectedly—aging.

6 months ago

S2E2 - Two Very Different "Van Life(s)"

Liz and Anne compare RV's, journeys, and destinations.

7 months ago

S2E1 - Turkey Arms and Other Important Life Skills

Liz and Anne discuss what they did on their 16 month summer vacation, listening skills, and whether or not Anne’s wife has good boundaries

2 years ago

S1E21 - Liz is a Massive Suck Up

Or might be? It’s up for debate.

2 years ago

S1E20 - The Content Warning and Disclaimer Episode

If you are afraid of flying, this episode will definitely not help…

2 years ago

S1E19 - The 8th Principle

Where should we put our postage?

2 years ago

S1E18 - The Ministry and Buddhism Episode

Liz preaches about why certain Buddhist monks should be less preachy